While living on your own, you may not need an outstanding Internet connection because you may only have one or two devices connected simultaneously. Also, since you may only actively use one device at a time, the total usage at any given instant should be rather minimal.

This is something that will change when you are making plans to rent a single-family home with roommates. In this situation, you should prioritize getting excellent high-speed Internet.

1. Widespread Coverage

An important part of making sure that everyone in the house is satisfied is getting a widespread connection throughout the home. When you commit to renting with several roommates, you may be looking at homes with a lot of square footage because everyone will be splitting the bills.

To accommodate so much square footage, you may need to put a few wireless extenders around the house that connect to the central router. While it should not make a substantial difference, you should expect some speed loss with Internet connections that use these extenders. This makes it beneficial to pick a high-speed plan to make up for any speed losses around the house.

2. Demanding Content

As time passes, you will notice that more online content will be available in 4K resolution. Along with the fact that you can already watch 4K content on some televisions, you should choose an Internet plan that can handle several people watching this content at the same time.

Another thing that will have a huge impact on your connection is downloads. If you anticipate your household to download modern games and programs that have huge file sizes, you will want impressive speeds to prevent these downloads from slowing down the Internet for everyone.

3. Active Devices

Even when your roommates are not watching 4K content on multiple televisions, you should expect everyone in the house to have anywhere from two to four devices connected to the Internet. The two main ones include a smartphone and a computer such as a desktop or a laptop. Some people will have a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet that they use regularly.

Along with device connections for everyone that lives in the house, you will want to account for family and friends that come over. On some occasions, you could have several dozen devices using your Internet at the same time, which makes high download and upload speeds essential.

If you want to have smooth Internet in a house with roommates, you must prioritize a great plan.