These days, it's next to impossible to get by without Internet service in your own home. Yet, paying for service can get a bit costly! Don't pay more than you have to. Here are four tips that will help you get reliable internet service for less.

Shop around.

There are a few areas in the U.S. where you will only have one or two Internet providers to choose from. However, new providers are popping up everywhere, so even if you only had a choice of a few a couple of years ago, it's worth checking around to see what your options are. Get estimates from all of the companies in your area, including the less-popular ones. Rates vary widely between regions, so even if a friend in another town finds Company A to be the most affordable, Company B might be a better choice for you.

Buy your own router and modem.

Some Internet service companies charge you more each month if you use their router and modem rather than one that you own. You can purchase a router and modem up-front, often for a reduced cost if you're willing to buy used online. You'll make up for the cost within a few months of savings.

Ask about promotions.

Sometimes, the rates that companies advertise are not the best rates they are able to give. There may be some promotions they are offering that they don't advertise. So, always call and ask if there are any promotional rates they can give you before you agree to a certain service package. If you see another company advertising a promotional rate, tell the company you are with that you are thinking of canceling and going to that company. They might offer you an even better rate to stay.

Bundle your service with television or phone service.

If the company you buy your Internet service from also offers phone service or television service, you might save money by buying all of these services through them. Changing cell phone providers can be a bit of a hassle, but talk to your ISP about it. They may contact your current company and break your contract for you, or they might give you a free phone for switching over.

With the tips above, you can reduce your ISP bills each month. Even if you save a couple of dollars a month, it can really add up over time.