When you own a business, you can't afford to deal with network issues. This is especially true with regard to downtime and security breaches. Unfortunately, both issues can happen when large networks aren't controlled properly. That's where TACACS comes into the picture. TACACS stands for Terminal Access Controller Access Control System. Simply stated, TACACS monitors administrator access to your computer network. TACACS helps to avoid issues with administrator authentification systems. If you're not sure that your company will benefit from TACACS, read the list provided below. Here are four benefits of installing TACACS software. 


When it comes to protecting your network, you want software that's easy to manage. Separate network access points reduce effectiveness. This process also increases the risk of mistakes. TACACS software reduces that risk. That's because TACACS software allows for central management of the system. That means the administrator can access the entire network from one system. This ensures more effective, and efficient network management procedures. 


If you work with a lot of vendors, you need an authentication process that's compatible. Without compatibility, you can run into access problems with your vendors. That's where TACACS comes into the picture. One of the benefits of TACACS is that the software offers compatibility with other software applications. That way, there's no confusion between you and your vendors. 


If you're still using another software program for your authentication process, it's time for a change. Most software programs combine authentication, administration, and accounting into one unit. That type of combination can cause serious problems for your network. In fact, if one segment goes down, the entire system can fail. That's why you need to switch to TACACS. One of the features of this software is the separate functions. With TACACS, authentication, administration, and accounting are three separate functions. That gives you the flexibility to control each function separately. 


If you want to ensure network security, you need to start with the authentication process. One way to do that is to use TACACS software. This type of software offers security for the entire system. This includes encryption for passwords, usernames, and attributes. As a result, hackers need to break through an entire encrypted system before they can access your network. This also helps to avoid accidental security breaches. 

Don't take chances with your network management system. Invest in TACACS software. You'll get all the benefits you need for your network administration. To learn more about TACACS software, talk to an IT provider near you.